ADD/ADHD and special needs kids, diabetics, doctors and chiropractors, sports and recreation participants, travelers, business people, smokers, and so many others find the Invisible Clock II to be indispensable. 

General Reminders - the Invisible Clock-II has a number of ways to use it for general reminders. You can use any of the 12 Alarms, or use the Timer.

Meditation - the vibration can be set to low, medium or high. On low, it is perfect for meditation as it is very quiet. Most people use the Timer for meditation sessions.

ADD/ADHD - you can use any of the 4 timing features; the Timer, the 12 Alarms, the Meeting Timer, or the Custom Timer. If you are wanting to track time throughout the day, the Custom Timer may be the best suited for this as you can program it in just about any way you want. For example, program the countdown time to 60 minutes, then set an alert to go off at 15 minutes, then at the ½ hour, then at 45 minutes, then on the hour. The advantage with this timer is that each of these alerts will be unique so you will quickly learn how each particular alert means you are at a certain time. The alerts are unique for the beeps and the vibrations.

Special Needs Kids - the Invisible Clock is often used for kids who need extra help remembering certain things such as paying attention in class. The Timer set to a certain time (like 10 or 15 minutes) on repeat is most commonly used for this purpose.

Diabetics - use the Alarms mode for daily medication reminders and, at the same time, use the Timer mode to remind you to measure your blood sugar levels two hours after you eat.

Wake Up Without Waking Your Partner - to use the Invisible Clock for this purpose, it works best to set an Alarm or two, set the alert switch to vibrate, then place it under your pill inside the pillow case. It is the internal noise of the vibration that transmits through your pillow and into your head. This works even if your ear is not on the pillow because the vibration transmits its internal noise very effectively through solid materials.

Medication Reminder - most people use the 12 alarms for medication reminders, but you can also use the Timer on repeat if you take your medication at regular time intervals. If you need to take a medication once per week, or once per month, the Timer can be set up to 999 hours which is a little over 41 days.

Psychotherapy - see clients without ever needing to look at the clock. - The Meeting Timer was designed for therapists. All you have to do is set the time of your meeting and start the Meeting Timer and it will send you a silent vibration signal at the ½ way point, 5 minutes before the end, and at the end of your meeting. It then automatically resets for the next hour (ie, if your session time is 50 minutes, it will go for 50 minutes and give the above mentioned signals, then wait 10 minutes and then restart and do the same thing again).

Doctors and Chiropractors - The Custom Timer was designed for doctors and chiropractors. You can set your session time and then set up to 6 unique alerts to go off wherever you wish in the session time. You can set this to time once (there is a one-button restart after it is complete), or to repeat, or to count-up after the countdown is complete.

Talks and Presentations - use the Timer or the Custom Timer for timing talks. The Custom Timer can be programmed to give alerts at up to 6 different points within a time of up to 60 minutes. Each alert is unique so you can easily tell where you are in your talk. This timer can be custom to set to perfectly time just about any type of talk; for Toastmasters, it can be programmed perfectly for any of their talks.

Learning New Habits - the most common way to use the Invisible Clock for learning new habits is to set the Timer on repeat to any time. For example, if you want to practice relaxing throughout the day and remembering to breath deeply, you could set the Timer on repeat for 30 minutes - this way you would be reminded every 30 minutes to practice this new habit.

Sports and Recreation - use the Repeat Timer to time your workout stations, yoga practitioners use the Repeat Custom Timer to time their poses, football back judges use the Custom Timer as a 25 second play clock, soccer officials use the Count-up Custom Timer mode to time the halves and the injury time, pilots use the Timer to remind them to switch fuel tanks, marksmen use the Custom Timer to time shooting sessions, gamblers use the Repeat Timer to pace their action, boxers use the Repeat Custom Timer to time 3 minute rounds and 1 minute rest periods, radio controlled airplane pilots use the Timer to time their flights (never run out of fuel again), lifeguards at public pools use the Repeat Timer to remind them to stand every five minutes to satisfy regulations.

Business Uses - Mini Marts use the Repeat Timer to remind clerks to make coffee every half hour, Restaurants use the Alarms and Timer modes to remind employees to do their tasks, small business owners use the Alarms to remind themselves of calls to be made and appointments to be kept.

Quit Smoking - you can use the Invisible Clock's alarm settings or the countdown timer on repeat to space smoked cigarettes apart by time intervals (say 45 min. to start) and then gradually lengthen the time spans in between cigarettes in an effort to cut down and eventually Quit!  Let the Invisible Clock tell you when it's OK to have your next cigarette. 
Slow Down Eating - use the multiple alarms or the countdown timer on repeat to set specific time intervals to eat and pace yourself throughout the day to stay on track with your eating schedule.