Questions often asked about setting alarms, countdown timers, reminders, meeting timers and more.


Can the Invisible Clock-II be set in seconds for the countdown timers?

Yes, you can set the Timer or the Custom Timer in seconds as well as minutes (and in hours for the Timer).

Can I set different types of beeps or vibrations to signal me for different purposes?

Yes, you can use the Custom Timer to set up to 6 unique alerts (unique beeps or vibrations) to go off anywhere within the countdown time that you set. In the Alarms mode you can program up to 12 alarms, but each alarm will have the same alert - however, these can be different from alerts set in the Custom Timer mode; you can choose the number of beeps you wish to signal in the Alarms mode.

How can I get the unit out of the timer modes when it is set and running as it appears stuck in that mode?

If the unit appears stuck in the Timer or Meeting Timer, try pushing the two middle buttons simultaneously (just for a second) until the display blinks, and then press the mode button to exit. To exit the Custom Timer, press and hold the two middle buttons for 2 seconds.

The Meeting Timer does not appear to be working?

The Meeting Timer does not show countdown when in operation. It only shows "ON" and the total time of the meeting or interval set.

No alert is vibrating for the Meeting Timer?

Make sure you have a meeting time set & the Meeting Timer is ON; the display should show for example: "ON 00:45" . Also, make sure the vibration switch on the side of the unit is set to "V" for vibration.

The vibration strength is not strong enough?

Try setting the vibration to "3, high". See "#1. How to set vibration speed", first page of instructions. If the silent vibration is still not strong enough, try putting a new or fairly good AAA battery in the timer unit as a low battery will cause the vibration to become weaker.

Alarms do not appear to organize correctly when setting multiple alarms?

The unit automatically organizes the set alarms in the order of next to go off. So when you set or check your alarms, the unit will display Alarm 01 as the next to signal (according to the time of day), and Alarm 02 as the next after that one and so on.

I cannot enter the Alarms mode to set alarms?

Hold down the Enter button for 3 seconds to enter the Alarms mode (this protects alarms from accidental erasure).

How long is the vibration alert?

Vibrations for the Timer and the Alarms modes = 20 seconds. To stop the vibration, push any button. In the Alarms mode, one push of the "Lite" button stops the alert and also engages the snooze feature, and an alert will signal again in 5 minutes (however, you can only do this once for each alarm). The vibration duration for the 6 unique alerts of the Custom Timer are: [2 seconds] [5 seconds] [5 seconds - 5 seconds space - 5 seconds] [10 seconds] [10 seconds - 7 seconds space - 10 seconds] [20 seconds] - you can place any of these alerts wherever you want to in the countdown time of the Custom Timer.

Is a pulsed vibration normal in low and medium vibration settings?


Can the Stopwatch be used to set an alert?

No. There are many ways to set alerts, just not using the Stopwatch feature.

When should I Change the Battery?

The battery is low when the back light becomes dim and the vibration is noticeably slower / or the beep volume is lower. The Invisible Clock II will retain your programming for a short time (approx. 1-2 minutes) while you change your battery.