The Benefits of the Invisible Clock II include better management of client sessions, on-time presentations, efficient meetings, focused work outs, and zero missed medications.


The Invisible Clock is "The Therapist's Tool"

The Invisible Clock is "The Therapist's Tool" that eliminates looking at the clock. Use the "Meeting Timer" to track time with silent vibration signals during your sessions. Make your clients feel special. Plus it will help make your clients want to keep coming back.

You will know exactly when your session is:

  • 1/2 way over
  • When to begin wrapping up
  • And exactly when to end
    All without looking at the clock! Plus it can improve the quality of your work and your therapeutic frame.

Start it once and it will time your sessions all day for you! The vibration signal of the Invisible Clock can be set to low. And on this setting the vibration is very quiet - we check your unit before we ship to make sure it is quiet and will be perfect for your sessions. Relax and let your body tell the time with the Invisible Clock! Free up more energy and work with less stress. Focus more energy on your clients.

The Presentation Timer

Speakers use silent reminders at transition points during your talks with any of the 12 Alarms. So you know where you are and know when to shift topics. Or pace your presentation with silent reminders at regular intervals with the Repeat Timer. So you can stay on track of time throughout your presentation. Know exactly when it's time to end.

The Meeting Timer - Help Your Meetings Stay Focused

The Meeting Timer sends you silent alerts at the 1/2 way point, 5 minutes before the end and at the end of any time period you choose. Each Vibration is distinct so you know exactly where you are along the way. It then automatically resets for your next meeting. You can make your clients feel special during meetings and feel more relaxed. Eliminate worries about checking the time and focus more on your clients.

The "Meeting Timer" offers 3 unique silent (or audible) reminders that you can receive during your meeting:

  • The first signal is a 4 second vibration,
  • The second signal is two 4 second vibrations with a 4 second space between them
  • The final signal is an 8 second vibration.
    This means you'll know exactly where you are during along the way. Use this feature to track the time all day!

Example "Meeting Timer" settings:

  • Any time between 10 minutes and 30 minutes and it automatically repeats every 30 minutes
  • Set it to any time between 31 minutes and 60 minutes and it repeats every hour
  • Set it to any time between 61 minutes and 120 minutes and it repeats every 2 hours

Use The Invisible Clock As A Silent Alarm Clock

Wake without waking your partner. This works by transmitting the vibration sound through your pillow to your head/ear - it's very effective at waking you and usually not your partner. The vibration motor transmits its internal noise extremely well through the pillow to you. We guarantee this will wake you - unless you're an extremely heavy sleeper. To use the Invisible Clock for this purpose, you place it inside your pillow case on the bottom side - it's small enough that you won't notice it, and the auto button lock prevents accidental cancellations from any button presses while you sleep.

Use It As A Travel Alarm Clock

The Invisible Clock is small and light (1/2" x 1-1/2" x 2-1/8" and only 2 ounces). This means it works great as a travel alarm clock. It will wake you in any environment. Use the silent vibration alarm under your pillow. Or set it to beep on low, medium or super loud. Plus you can set multiple alarms (up to 12 Alarms can be set) to be sure you wake up.

Use The Countdown Timer For Timing Anything

Set the Countdown Timer for any time, to alert once or to repeat itself, vibrating or beeping at any interval you choose for as long as you like.

Use this feature while you are:

  • Cooking
  • Exercising
  • Meditating

Or use it to give your kids structure for:

  • TV limits
  • Homework
  • Brushing teeth

Set the "Countdown Timer" to repeat any time over and over to:

  • Practice affirmations effortlessly
  • Practice new habits, so you can be more successful in life.
  • Pace any repetitive needs

Medical reminders:

  • Set Alarms reminders to take medication
  • Reminders for diabetics to check their blood sugar level
  • Stress management - Set the Countdown Timer to 30 minutes repeat to remind yourself to practice taking a few seconds to breathe and relax during your day. You'll feel better, and you'll be automatically reminded for your medication times.